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The idea that everybody has to start somewhere can be really frustrating for people without credit: Good credit comes from properly managing loans and credit cards, but it can be difficult to get loans and credit cards if you have bad credit (or no credit). How the heck is that supposed to work?

A lot of consumers feel this way. In a recent post to Reddit, a 24-year-old asked: How do you build credit when no one will allow you a credit card? The individual#39;s situation is more complicated than that, but there are few ways to address the basic question.

Ask Someone For Help

If you have parents or a relative with good credit, you could ask to be added as an authorized...

Can I Live Without Credit?

By Mike Goldstein, Content Writer at Credit Karma

I spend a lot of my time writing credit-related content. I havent always been a credit expert, but write a few dozen articles about any one topic and you start getting there. Since I spend so much of my time thinking about credit, I usually take the credit system for granted. I dont question its necessity or wonder how it got there in the first place. Instead, Im more interested in finding little tips and new oddities. But I know not everyone is this invested.

Rather than dive into the details of it all, you may be more likely to approach the topic of credit health with skepticism. You might wonder, Sure, but do I really need...

Risk-friendly investors might find handsome rewards, especially in subordinated BES bonds (currently trading with a 25-30% discount to par), butone should bear in mindseveral cases in recent history of full writedowns of subordinated capital in failed banks.The BESsenior bonds, with a better credit ranking, offers a 5% yield for the 2019 maturity – a significant premium compared to credit spreads of European Senior Financials, currently at 73 basis points.

Landmark issued an insurance agents and brokers professional liability policy to OMA. The Landmark policy covers OMA as the named insured and included Exclusion D, which excludes coverage for any claims based upon or arising out of … [a]ny business enterprise not named in the Declarations which is owned, controlled, operated or managed by any Insured.

Both underlying lawsuits arose from misrepresentations that defendants allegedly made to credit unions in Michigan and Tennessee. In both states, the defendants allegedly persuaded credit unions to fund several secured loans by overstating the value of life insurance policies that would serve as collateral for the loans. Because...

Moodys rating of the Class A-1-R Notes addresses the expected loss posed to noteholders. The rating reflects the risks due to defaults on the underlying portfolio of assets, the transactions legal structure, and the characteristics of the underlying assets.

Gramercy Park is a managed cash flow CLO. The issued notes will be collateralized primarily by broadly syndicated first lien senior secured corporate loans. At least 95% of the portfolio must consist of senior secured loans and eligible investments, and up to 5% of the portfolio may consist of loans that are not senior secured loans. The underlying portfolio is 100% ramped as of the closing date.

GSO/Blackstone Debt Funds...

US $ 39,000,000 Class D Mezzanine Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due 2026 (the Class D Notes), Assigned (P)Baa3 (sf)

US $ 31,500,000 Class E Junior Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due 2026 (the Class E Notes), Assigned (P)Ba3 (sf)

US $ 20,750,000 Class F Junior Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due 2026 (the Class F Notes), Assigned (P)B2 (sf)

Moodys issues provisional ratings in advance of the final sale of financial instruments, but these ratings only represent Moodys preliminary credit opinions. Upon a conclusive review of a transaction and associated documentation, Moodys will endeavor to assign definitive ratings. A definitive rating (if any)...

Debt Consolidation After the Great Recession

As Americans continue to move out of the Great Recession, they begin to look for ways to consolidate and get rid of the debt that was incurred during that time. As debt consolidation companies continue to grow and advertise more, consumers are bombarded with images and messages telling them to consolidate their debt. Recently, a study has been released naming the best debt consolidation companies in the country.

Deciding to consolidate debt is a major decision for a person. While some may look at debt consolidation as zeroing out balances, it is important to realize that consolidating debt is only moving it from one place to another. A person who consolidates debt is still on the hook...

A New Orleans-based bank has sued a Jefferson Parish justice of the peace, concerned that he improperly secured loans for tens of thousands of dollars by applying for the money in the name of the office he holds.

Credit cards: Keep tabs on your spending

You have landed a well-paying job after your graduation and soon it is time to receive your first salary. Once the salary is credited into your account, you start receiving calls from the bank offering you a credit card.

So far you only had an add-on card that was linked to your parents#39; card and the spending was monitored and restricted by your parents. Here is a chance for you to have a card of your own. The offers on the cards, such as free movie tickets, discounts on electronic gadgets and for online shopping are also tempting. You waste no time in applying for one. And get one easily since you are now the bank#39;s customer.

While banks are stricter now when it comes...

Mississippi Resources, LLC (MSR or the Company) announced that it closed a senior debt and preferred equity investment with TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. for a maximum amount of $55.5 million.  The funds will be used to retire debt, buy out preferred equity outstanding and for working capital to fund the companys development plan, and to acquire additional acreage adjacent to the existing lease holdings.

In connection with the transaction, KLR Group, LLC acted as exclusive advisor to Mississippi Resources.

Keith Gourgues, CEO of Mississippi Resources, commented, I am pleased to announce TSLs recent capital infusion into our Company.  TSL has an outstanding track record of investing...