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Romania’s largest bank Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) said on Saturday that it has 2.7 million clients, out of a total market of 10 million potential clients, according to Magda Sandulescu, executive director for Retail Mangement.

At the moment we have 30 percent of the total bankable population. In Romania we have 2.7 million clients out of a total of 10 million. We have a market share of 16 percent for employees out of 4.6 million actively employed people, according to Sandulescu.

The bank official explained that BCR is developing a retail strategy based on all client segments, their observations and preferences.

The mega-trend currently in development on the retail...

An Olympia, Wash., credit union has begun offering fast short-term loans on its mobile app for consumers who need funds to, say, repair a car they use for work.

In so doing, it is on its way to solving two puzzles with which many banks are wrestling: how to make the loan process logical and palatable on a smartphone, and how to make mobile banking apps profitable.

Six taps can get WSECU members a Q-Cash loan ($50 to $700 with a 60-day term) or a Q-Cash Plus loan, ($701 to $4,000 with repayment terms set from nine to 36 months). The funds are deposited into applicants linked accounts once they are approved for the Q-Cash loans.

The loan products have also been available...

Before 2007 legislation, what at the time were called payday loans with interest rates ranging from 390 percent to 780 percent and unlimited rollovers were used to gouge New Mexicos poor, uneducated and financially desperate.

Before a 2010 state District Court ruling, what were called installment loans with annual percentage rates between 520 percent and 650 percent were used to keep those same vulnerable New Mexicans locked into recurring cycles of debt.

And before a New Mexico Supreme Court ruling last week, what were called signature loans were used to turn $50 to $300 loans into a year of insurmountable debt via interest rates between 1,147 percent and 1,500 percent....

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 01: A general view of a Speedy Cash cash loans shop on Brixton High Street on November 1, 2012 in London, England. The recession has changed the face of the UKs high streets, which have seen a boom in bookmakers, discount stores, charity shops, cheque cashing (payday loans) and pawnbrokers as cash-strapped Brits struggled with their finances. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) | Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Another misconception about bankruptcy Knoxville bankruptcy experts wish to debunk is that it permanently ruins your credit. For those who actually go through the process of filing for bankruptcy, they become surprised at how quickly they start to receive credit offers again and how fast their credit score becomes repaired. On average, it takes about seven to 10 years to fully repair your credit, but you may qualify for secured credit cards about six to 12 months after filing. Filing for bankruptcy is not the end of the world.

12 Things to Know About Home Equity Loans and HELOCs

Credit: StockMonkeys.com.

If you need a significant chunk of money and are unwilling to borrow it or to charge it on your credit cards, what can you do? If youre a homeowner, you may be able to tap the power of a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit, or HELOC. But dont do so without learning more about them. Here are some of the key things to know.

  1. There are two main kinds of home equity borrowing: a home equity loan secured by the equity in your home and a HELOC. With the former, you borrow what you need in a single lump sum, while the latter allows you to borrow various sums over time as needed. The former has a fixed...

Huffington Post Reader Question

I am a 62 yr. old male. I am disabled since approximately 1977. Have been on Disability from work and on SSDI forever. I have tried schooling twice, but my disability has kept me from getting and keeping work.

I am on limited, fixed income. Some work disability and SSDI.

Last schooling I had Fed. and Sallie Mae Private student loans. I was able to get the Fed. loans discharged by Total and Permanent Disability.

I digress. I had a bankruptcy.

Debt collector contacted me about Private loans. I sent them a letter within 30 days stating I wish contact only by mail and wish for Debt Validation. Their first letter to me was May 18 2014....

When cheques bounce in India

Mumbai: A cheque is a negotiable instrument in India and is normally valid for three months from its date. Cheque bouncing is one of the most common offences in the country, with over 40 lakh pending cases in the Supreme Court. A cheque is said to be bounced when the payment stated on it is not made and it is dishonoured.

A cheque can bounce for several reasons, which include insufficiency of funds, mismatch in signature, stale cheques, post-dated cheques or if there are corrections in the cheque without authentication. The bank collects a penalty from the defa-ulter when a cheque bounces.

The important point here is that when a cheque bounces, it is a criminal offence in India....

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) June 23, 2014

Zoo Mortgage (http://www.ZooMortgage.ca), the Greater Toronto Area’s leading private consumer financing company, is responding to a recent survey showing Canadians are more comfortable with their current debt levels and is releasing an explanation of why near-record-low mortgage rates mean it’s the perfect time to consider taking out a second mortgage.

According to a recent survey, a growing number of homeowners say they are more comfortable with debt than their parents were; four in 10 homeowners are more comfortable with debt compared to their parents, versus just 13% who say they feel less comfortable. The growing comfort...

US$16,100,000 Class C Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due July 2026 (the Class C Notes), Definitive Rating Assigned A2 (sf)

US$20,650,000 Class D Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due July 2026 (the Class D Notes), Definitive Rating Assigned Baa3 (sf)

US$15,400,000 Class E Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due July 2026 (the Class E Notes), Definitive Rating Assigned Ba3 (sf)

The Class A Notes, the Class B Notes, the Class C Notes, the Class D Notes and the Class E Notes are referred to herein, collectively, as the Rated Notes.


Moodys ratings of the Rated Notes address the expected losses posed to noteholders....